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    The 10 Largest City’s in Missouri are recognized and working under contract or are recognized and negotiating a contract.


    Rank City Population Lodge Status
    1 Kansas City 459,787 Lodge 99 Under Contract
    2 St. Louis 319,294 Lodge 68 Under Contract
    3 Springfield 159,498 Lodge 22 Under Contract
    4 Independence 116,830 Lodge 1 Under Contract
    5 Columbia 108,500 Lodge 36 Recognized / Working toward negotiations.
    6 Lee’s Summit 93,364 Lodge 50 Under Contract
    7 O’Fallon 79,329 Lodge 15 Recognized / Negotiating 1st Contract
    8 St. Joseph 76,780 Lodge 3 Under Contract
    9 St. Charles 65,794 Lodge 15 Under Contract
    10 Blue Springs 52,575 Lodge 50 Recognized / Officers Contract Completed Pending Ratification
    * Jackson (County) Sheriff 679,996 Lodge 50 Under Contract
    * St. Louis (County) Police 998,954 Lodge 15 Recognized / Negotiating 1st Contract
    • Kansas City has two separate contracts – One for Sergeants & Officers and one for Commanders.
      • Commanders are recognized by KCPD Commanders FOP Lodge 102.
    • St. Charles has two separate contracts – One for Sergeants & One for Officers
    • Lee’s Summit has two bargaining units – One for Sergeants & One for Officers with both under one contract.
    • Blue Springs when completed will have three separate contracts – One for Officers, one for Sergeants, and one for Lieutenants.


     St. Louis Police Leadership Organization (NAPO) wins representation for Sergeants CBA.

    The St. Louis Police Leadership Organization will represent all Sergeants in a Collective Bargaining Agreement.  The vote was conducted on August 1 & 2, 2012.  Results were as follows:


    Eligible Voters:             212

    Total Votes Cast:          186

    Votes for SLPOA:         65

    VOTES FOR SLPLO:   121


    Unfortunately the vote for representation by the St. Louis Police Officers Association (FOP #68) was unsuccessful.  The battle leading up to the election was heated and the Leadership Organization effectively played a tremendous amount of disinformation & downright untruthfulness.  The SLPLO has already expressed its opposition to fair share and stated it does not believe it should openly criticize the policies of management.  Unfortunately we feel this will result in poor representation for the St. Louis Sergeants but only time will tell.  The FOP will not give up and will fight to give the Sergeants effective FOP representation in the future.

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